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SUCCESS had been plagued with problems associated with a platform they manage, and every redesign resulted in layers of legacy problems. The costs associated with these issues were mounting and they hit a critical point where security became a liability.

I created a persona, sitemap, wireframes, and plan for migrating the vast content database to from Drupal to WordPress. We moved hosting outside the building to a managed hosting platform cutting IT costs dramatically while improving security and speed.

The migration tasks were outsourced to a brilliant 3rd party dev who delivered in record time.

The new site is a miracle for internal stakeholders who can now implement content strategies they’ve planned for years. Editors are being trained to do more than they were previously able to do before, so the need for expert devs is significantly reduced. The workflow is night and day.

The user experience is clean and concise and more in line with the ecommerce goals of the company.

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