GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal Has Turned Me

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*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

I will always love ClickFunnels. They were my first love in sales funnel software. I have every product they offer just about, and the conference each year is a highlight for me. I’ve met wonderful people through the community and hope to continue that.

But I’ve found a new love in sales funnel marketing software. 🙂 If any of you work with ClickFunnels, you know about the witching hour – that moment when you start wrestling the software. It just goes buggy for some reason – like it got tired. You know support is iffy (I’ve been a direct support person for them, so I know how it works. They don’t pay much for the time it takes to help with weird bugs, so there’s not much motivation to really dig deep). You know Russell gives a LOT, but the focus is not really on the software – it’s on training marketers – which is cool and needed and just a part of their culture. I’m still on board with that.

As a funnel builder, building hundreds (??) of funnels a year (that seems inflated, but it feels like it. lol), I really just need things to work. I need to NOT have to wrestle with the software and integrations. I need to be able to design fast and try new things and make it look really good.

I need my sites to be fast.

I need the platform I use to keep up with technology

So, I wasn’t looking, but came across an ad for a new funnel builder. I clicked the link out of morbid curiosity still fully in love with my precious ClickFunnels and NOT in the market.

But something grabbed me. Of course it did, Mike Filsaime is a great marketer. I had followed him early on in my career, so I recognized the name when I saw it — but that wasn’t what caught my attention. I saw that the platform was being built on Vue.js, and not the now antiquate Bootstrap.

Now, I still love me some Bootstrap. It’s what Twitter brought to our design and development world and made things so much easier. It’s what most of the world of the internet is still built on. If you don’t know what it is, that’s cool. Let’s just say it’s a standardized framework for coding sites. And it’s great.

But it’s old.

Vue.js is newer technology. It’s faster and leaner. It’s more flexible. Essentially, it doesn’t have to call to a database, but does everything in your browser. That means it doesn’t have to keep communicating with servers somewhere else. Can you see how eliminating that back and forth is much faster for the user? That speed means higher conversions. Period.

No other major page builder has that advantage as of this moment.

That’s what grabbed me.

Then I started looking at the features. They really are out to dominate. Ecommerce, video, webinar, blogging, email marketing, membership sites, courses, advertising, helpdesk, surveys, booking and more.

It can get a little confusing with the naming, but essentially it breaks down like this: GrooveDigital is the company. They produce Funnel building software called GrooveFunnels. Within GrooveFunnels, you have apps or modules or whatever you want to call them. These are:

  • GroovePages – page builder
  • GrooveSell – your products
  • GrooveAffiliate – affiliate marketing for your products
  • GrooveMail – email marketing and automations
  • GrooveMember – membership/courses
  • GrooveVideo – hosting your videos
  • GrooveBlog – your blog
  • GrooveWebinar – webinar hosting
  • GrooveDesk – helpdesk
  • GrooveCalendar – booking
  • GrooveSurvey – surveys
  • GrooveKart – ecommerce shopping cart (this will eventually become a free platform that introduces people to the entire family of GrooveApps)

GrooveDigital also offers services like an ad agency (GrooveAds) and payment gateway called GroovePay.

When you watch Mike or the other founders talk about their product, it’s down to earth and transparent.

So, I’m moving forward with my new love, and I haven’t looked back once.

Will I keep my Clickfunnels account. Probably, yes. Why? Because I build funnels! I’ll build a few templates in there and offer them as bonuses for people who choose to use my ClickFunnels affiliate link. Let it pay for itself so that I can still hone my skills and share funnels (I’ll be able to convert those funnels into GrooveFunnels, fyi). ClickFunnels is still a good choice for people. So is Kartra, New Zenler and Kajabi. I love and support them all for varying reasons. It’s just that GrooveFunnels has pulled ahead of the pack.

Plus, listen, the opportunity to get in on lifetime access for a fixed price while they are in beta is SUCH a money-maker! No monthly fees??!!! That’s a huge running cost savings, that it’s a no-brainer for me. That means if it all goes to [insert your favorite euphemism]… and I suddenly have no income, I don’t lose my business. If I can’t pay for my hosting, this site goes down. A huge part of my lead gen is gone. If I can’t pay for my email provider, my email list is gone. You see what I’m getting at? I’m not anticipating it, but I’ve been there!

I got in on lifetime premium access AND the option to get all the upcoming apps as they become available. I feel like I have a paid-for house ready to rent out!

Not to mention, it’s fun to work in. There are still some bugginess as they nail down their code. I’m cool with that. It’s nothing I haven’t had to deal with with ClickFunnels which should be a mature platform. And they’ve been really quick with fixes. So, I’m not worried a bit.

I love their roadmap and Mike’s been really transparent about any delays. But overall, they do what they say. That’s a real feat in SaaS world.

Best investment ever.

I’m in love. Can you tell?

Anyway, here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to sign up for free. I give all of my affiliates free templates and funnel diagrams, access to my Facebook group where we talk about funnels and help one another build as well as my Funnel Marketing Resource Guide, Build Your Own Funnel Trello Board and Build Your Own Funnel Checklist. I’m committed to help you get the most out of your investment and start making money online!

You can see my GrooveFunnels “unboxing” here:


Jen has been a freelance web designer for over 20 years. In that time she has developed a keen eye for design as well as the technical skill to build top-tier online systems, funnels, and sites. Her loves include her teenagers, her boxers, Bentley & Rena, her Converse and anything Star Wars.

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