Landing Pages

The gateway to your sales funnel is the first impression, the first “obstacle” to the path your potential client takes to getting to a sale. It is VITAL that your landing pages (also called squeeze pages, capture pages, splash pages, opt-in pages, lead-magnet pages, etc.) grab attention and intrigue prospects immediately.

Users want to know two things:

  1. How you can help them
  2. Are you going to deliver what you promise.

You want to present a landing page that is not just beautiful, but answers those two questions! To do that well, it should at the very least:

  • be concise,
  • be clear,
  • tell them what do next,
  • be bug-free,
  • be mobile responsive
  • present solutions rather than further issues
  • speak to their problems and desired outcomes
  • be attractive
  • make them feel safe
  • provide all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision


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