Prices You Can Manage

I’m confident you’ll be able to custom order what you need to get your project done right the first time with my competitive prices. I’ve adopted a model that gives you flexibility AND control over your project AND your budget. Know exactly what you’re paying as well as what you’re getting.

The goal is for us to become partners in YOUR goal. Whether you want an entire website and sales funnel or just bits and pieces, you can purchase enough hours to get it done.

I charge $125/hour purchased in 5-hour blocks.

Discounts for larger packages are as follows:
$125/hr – 5-25 hour blocks
$110/hr – 30-45 hour blocks
$100/hr – 50+ hour blocks

Most full websites can be completed within 30-40 hours.

Full Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Thinkific or WordPress sales funnels are usually completed in 50 hours.

A simple church website usually takes 20 hours.

Social media packages run around 5 hours.

You can direct me to work on anything within my array of services, from graphic design to tech support. Times cover actual work hours.

I will guide you through a very simple process for delivering content, images, and other assets so that you always know where your project stands and what is needed from you.

My entire goal is to make sure this is an awesome and easy experience for you, that your goals are met, and that you start seeing results! I have the know-how that can help everyone make a difference online!

It should feel like an investment because it is.

And it’s worth it!

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5-25 Hour Time Blocks

30-45 Hour Time Blocks

50+ Hour Time Blocks