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Save on premium web design and sales funnel services. If you’ve been putting off building your online business, finish off the year ahead of the game!

*$1000 discount applies to full website designs and sales funnels. Discount reflected in custom quote.

You’re overwhelmed.

You didn’t get done this year with everything you set out to.

You want to rock 2020, but you’re not sure how to get the ball rolling.

You’ve watched videos and read everything you can to try to learn on your own, and you’re THIS close. 

What if I told you, there’s still time to get your website up and running? 

What if I guaranteed a way to get started with an online system you’re proud of?

Hi, I’m Jen, and I’ve been building world-class websites for over 20 years now. What does that mean for you? Well, it means you’re not risking your dream and vision with a novice off of Upwork. You’re in hands that care about this industry and your business as if it were her own. 

You’re partnering with someone who is dedicated to creativity, excellence and integrity. In fact, I insist on them! If you care about those things too, then we may be a good fit. 

I’m passionate about helping people put their visions online. It’s that simple. 

And my goal for the the end of the year is to help out 2 more people do just that. 

I think we can both take advantage of the season of sales to make that happen. 

What’s the catch? 

I’m only doing 2 more sites this year. That’s it. I want to enjoy Christmas without working through it, and I want to devote quality time to making your site the BEST version of YOU online!

I want to help you launch before the end of the year with no hiccups with a site that you can’t stop looking at!

I can do that if you’re willing to work with me and keep up! 

So schedule a 15-minute call with me to tell me about your business, and we’ll go from there. 

Step 1: Click the button and schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call (I’ve opened up my schedule to accommodate)

Step 2: Tell me all about your vision, business or ministry. Mention Cyber Week.

Step 3: I’ll send you a quote (with your cyber week discount!)

Step 4: Accept the quote and pay 1/2 up front (the other half is due upon completion)

Step 5: I’ll send you a questionnaire where you’ll give me some important information that helps me get started. Get this back to me as quickly as possible.

Step 6: I’ll set up the hosting and bones of the site while creating a sitemap, wireframe and mockup for your approval.  (Here’s where you have to work quickly with me if we’re going to meet the year-end deadline!)

Step 7: You’ll get a list from me outlining what I need from you. I’ll continue work on the site with placeholder text and images until you get me your stuff.

And we’ll cover the rest during the process. 

The goal is to make this easy peasy and actually fun. 

So hit that button today, and let’s not put this off any longer. You’ve really found a friend who is dedicated to, not only making you look good, but making sure you come out ahead this year!

Let’s make this last month count! Let’s just launch!